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Go Mungo SEO is a dominant UK based independent Search Engine Optimization company, specializing in organic search engine optimization known as SEO working with various concerns with all kinds of budgets providing SEO in London.The company was formed in September 2008 by Alex Mungo primarily as a web development company providing web services. It was only when Alex was asked to do his first SEO job that he became hooked and two years later transformed Go Mungo SEO into the SEO Company it is today.

It was gaining a 2:1 BSc in Computing in Business at Brunel University back in 1998 and after working as a web developer for the likes of BT, Direct Line, and HSBC that Alex realized his desire for creating opportunities within organizations via the web. Armed with this skill and understanding of how a business works, Alex then decided to start his own company and formed Go Mungo SEO.

With less money or nothing left with him, he moved over the streets of London looking for companies drumming up their business. It is this more personal approach of Alex’s towards business that has seen his business grow, steadily building up a loyal client base with a controlling rate of over 98% that fascinates many of his customers today.Enjoy our site to understand more about our SEO London services and feel free to email us with any questions or even better just give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you.

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