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Essential Marketer was set up in 2008 by Company Director, Steve Feeney to help organizations enhance their online presence over all the search engines.With a financial organization quickly moving into an online stadium, Steve wanted to stay in front of the competition in the web engine ranking and recognised that the most ideal approach to do this was to embrace a high quality back linking technique, by doing this the business developed at an incredible rate and was profoundly effective.

Crevice in the business sector,Outfitted with this achievement and Steve’s solidly grounded foundation in IT, he saw a crevice in the business sector for using high quality back links in stark contrast with the more unscrupulous SEO providers who were adopting altogether different strategies with poorer quality links; a considerable lot of these sorts of bad practices have since been caught out by the Penguin Update launched by Google in April 2012.

This has opened the avenue to a lot of new customers for Essential who perceive the strength in the quality of the links and approach adopted by us.Why choose Essential? We are the heading SEO supplier in the Midlands with a demonstrated track record in accomplishing results for customers in expanding their search engine visibility, online brand recognition and ultimately conversions on our client’s sites.

Dissimilar to other SEO organizations, we just concentrate on attaining organic growth in the search engine rankings through our high quality link building service. Much evidence upholds the way that most individuals like to click on the main three organic rankings over paid for advertisements. With rising pay for every click (PPC) cost, it’s no shock that most customers stop their PPC campaigns once they’ve attained their desired sustainable organic growth with us.What we offer,We take a holistic methodology to SEO and offer an extensive variety of services to complement this including Online PR, Social Media and Web Design.

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